You are very diligent at answering question - well done! And I can see that lots of people have a...

Q: You are very diligent at answering question - well done! And I can see that lots of people have a great deal of curiosity about your lifestyle. Given you hold down a professional job (and I guess, lead an outwardly 'normal' life), are you not worried that your employer, colleagues or friends and family might see this blog and discover your 'true' life?

I’ve never really felt like I was hiding anything or that I have a “true life” that nobody knows about. I’m pretty open about my preferences if someone asks me about them. That being said, I fully understand that BDSM can be upsetting to vanilla people so I’m sensitive to that, and don’t do “weird” things in front of them or randomly discuss why I love open mouth gags… but, if the topic comes up- I’m the first to elaborate. I’ve discovered that several of my “normal" friends are practitioners as well. :)

As far as being “found out” by people that know me, I’m fairly confident that you’re not gonna find my blog unless you’re searching for “adult content”… And not just that, you have to be searching for some pretty specific adult content. 

You’re not going to stumble on my blog by Googling: “What time does church start tomorrow?,” or “Best Christmas gifts for Grandmas”… So, anyone that wants to cause trouble for me will first have to acknowledge that they were looking for weird porn to begin with.

I suppose it would be unfortunate if my family stumbled upon this blog because they may never stop throwing up, lol. But if that happens, I’m sure the world will go on. Its not like I’m expecting some huge inheritance from them anyway, lol.  

As far as work goes… I work remotely, and most of my coworkers don’t know what I look like. Worst case scenario- I’m “outed” and I get fired… If that happens, I would take great pleasure is suing them for firing me based on my sexuality. I purposefully don’t have any children, and I’m not married - so I don’t have any major responsibilities to worry about.

So, to sum it up-If someone I know see’s my vagina- life will go on. We all have genitals, and we all do weird stuff with them. I’m not breaking any laws, and the fun I’m having with this blog far outweighs the negative possibilities at this time.

I love this question, thank you!!! :)