Dream 24/7 chastity belt review

The review found on FetLife 

I have been on the hunt for a comfortable yet effective chastity device for 17 years, and I've been through an embarrasing number of them over that time looking for the Holy Grail. To my unexpected delight, I'm really happy with my recent purchase of a Slim Fit belt from Fancy Steel. It works great for me, and it might work great for you if you have some of the same issues that I have.

For the vast majority of men, ball-trap devices do not provide enough security to be worth the bother. It is easy to pull the penis out of them no matter how well adjusted they are. So most people who are really into the hobby eventually gravitate to either using a PA piercing for security, or using a full belt. In my case, the best solution seems to be both.

I have written elsewhere about how getting a PA made real enforced chastity possible for me, and how I have had some success with PA-secured tube-only devices with no rear ring. These work for me, but unfortunately they don't quite give me all of the erotic thrill that I want out of a chastity device. There is some security, but not quite enough to really make me want to wear it. If I can get my hand around the base of my cock, I can jerk off enough to cum even if I can't touch the sweet spots. Also, I really love the feel of more restrictive device that prevents me from getting an erection. The sweet frustration of my blood-engorged penis straining ineffectually against the confines of the cage - that's what I'm looking for.

So it has been clear to me for a long time that my two choices to get what I want are 1) a ball-trap device plus PA fixing for full security, or 2) a full belt. Unfortunately, both have caused me a lot of problems. I have some kind of tendinitis issue in my groin, and the pressure of a restriction around my balls causes me pain that gets worse and worse the longer the restriction is there. I've found that I can't wear any ball trap device for more than a day or two. Full belts cause the same problem. If it is fitting tightly enough to be secure, the pressure of the front plate or penis tube on my groin causes exactly the same pain.

But there was still one option rolling around in my head. What about a full belt with a PA fixing, so that the security would be there from the PA, but the belt could fit a little looser so that the pressure would be bearable? The belt would carry the overall weight of the device instead of a ball-trap ring, leading to both comfort and security. Recently I came across the Fancy Steel Slim Fit belt online, and it occurred to me that it might be exactly what I needed. Turns out, it is. And it's a really great belt even if you're not pierced, as long as you can wear it a little tighter.

The best thing about this belt is its adjustability. I think a few millimetres can really make the difference between success and failure with a chastity belt, and this model lets you dial it in exactly right. I made several small tweaks to the fit over the first few days, and now I think it's perfect. It's just a little bit looser than I would need for security without the piercing, but any tighter and I think it would hurt me too much. If you don't have a tendinitis problem like me, I think the security without the piercing would be fine, but you would wear it a little tighter than I do. Note that I also got the pull-out shield option on top of the tube, which is a great help for security and I would recommend it for everyone.

Once it is adjusted properly, the security of this belt is basically the same as any other full belt. Yes you could cut through the steel cable with bolt cutters to free yourself, but the same is true of a neosteel or mysteel – you can even cut through the waistband of those with a good pair of bolt cutters (good to know if you are ever stuck).

But the comfort - wow is this a huge improvement from other belts I have tried over the years! The steel cable used in this belt, called "aircraft cable," has been used in several chastity belts over the past several years for the rear portion connecting the penis tube to the back of the belt (through the butt crack), but Fancy Steel's innovation was to use the same cable for the waist band as well. The comfort is excellent, and the stealth under clothes is great too - a lot better than any ball trap device!

This is my first belt with a rear cable, and now that I have experienced it I would never go back to chains or a solid "total" design. The cable is far more comfortable. Yes, it's in your butt crack all the time feeling like a wedgie, but you get used to it - in fact I find the sensation very erotic and pleasurable. But to my great relief it is not necessary to poop through the cable. There is enough slack in the cable to pull it slightly to the side when you have a #2, keeping it clean. I have found this to be true even when I have had the belt adjusted very tight (too tight for me to wear).

The PA fixing is a brilliant design, as is the little tool that the maker provides to help put it on. It is a special pin that sticks out the front of the tube and attaches to a standard PA ring inside the tube - I recommend a segment ring. It turned out that my 4ga ring was a bit too big to fit through the hole in the PA pin, but this was easily fixed by using a short length of jewelry chain and clasp to link the two things. Once you are locked in the belt, you cannot access the chain inside the tube to undo the clasp.

The amount of physical activity allowed by this belt is wonderful - even better than ball trap devices I would say (but obviously not as good as PA tube-only devices, which are almost like wearing nothing). I have been able to run and use an elliptical in the belt, as well as body weight exercises. I have maintained my practice of cycling to work for the whole week that I've been wearing this belt. I wouldn't really want to do extensive cycling for exercise while wearing it, but my easy 10-minute commute is totally manageable. If I get uncomfortable I just stand up on the pedals. There are a few things that I like to do that I would still need to be let out for, like yoga, but hey what do you want from a chastity belt? Still, I could probably do about half my yoga routine in this.

Sleeping is also very good. Again, better than a ball trap device. Like most chastity devices, you do get woken up by early morning erections. So you go and pee and then go back to bed. Actually, this belt has made me a bit of an earlier riser and that's not such a bad thing - I've also been going to bed earlier.

One minor issue is that the adjustment point for the cable rests up against the testicles and gets a little pinchy sometimes. This was easily solved by covering it with electrical tape, which you could replace once a week or so if it gets icky. I think once I am 100% satisfied with the fit I may glue a little piece of rubber there instead.

Hygeine is pretty good too, at least comparable to other full belts. Since I wear it a bit looser thanks to the PA, I can use a squeeze bottle to squirt some soapy water through the penis tube, and I can also use a "Swab-it" to get in there to dry it off a bit. I took the belt off today for the first time in several days and things were perfectly clean. I think if I go 24/7 in this, I would ask for a quick cleaning twice a week (so 3 nights and 4 nights in betweeen), but it’s not absolutely necessary. I’m pretty sure I could live with once a week or even less but it would require a more conscientious approach to washing and drying.

I'm starting to think that my dream of 24/7 chastity belt wearing may actually become a reality with this thing, and without totally messing up my life even! The first day I got the belt, I went ahead and wore it for 60 hours straight (two nights), except for a few minutes of tweaking the fit now and then. After a break of a few days (my wife insisted to make sure I'm fine), I have been wearing it now for another 100 hours (four nights). No pain, no irritation, no sleepless nights. This is awesome. I love this belt so much that quite honestly I'm thinking of ordering a second one just to have in reserve for the future, just in case the maker ever goes out of business!