Fancy Steel RAW

We are introducing Fancy Steel RAW, a new exciting collaboration with EroticAus.

With Fancy Steel RAW, we invited upcoming directors and writers to create fresh kinky content.

RAW movies are a stripped-down format designed to showcase the most requested sexy fetishes and fantasies.

This new movie series has allowed us to dive deep into kinks with a minimalist lens and hyperfocus on each niche kink.

Director EroticAus 

Executive Producer James Grey 

In ABDL, EroticAus wanted to explore the Adult Baby Diaper Lover fetish from Luna Lace's POV as a baby. The baby doctor, Mistress Ruby, changes her nappy and then puts the baby safe to sleep in SEGUFIX® restraints.

Domination explores a sexual tryst between two consensual women in mutual chastity. Shorty is mounted in the stocks and pegged with a strap-on. Still, both women get no release, while both are locked in secure chastity belts.

The Training of 2 is the ultimate pet play movie. Watch in delight as we train two naughty puppy dogs and work them through a series of drills to test their eagerness to obey, perform and play. 

All three new Fancy Steel RAW films are available to download now.