After a few days of being locked up, I get desperate and...

After a few days of being locked up, I get desperate and eventually start begging for Sir to give my pussy some attention. Sometimes I get lucky, but usually this only results in some form of punishment that makes me regret whatever it was I asked for in the first place. 

For example: asking to cum results in forced orgasms until I’m crying, and begging to be locked up again… And asking to have my pussy fucked is the quickest way to earn an ass fucking (and a gag so he doesn’t have to listen to me complaining). 

This kind of treatment is intended to help me learn that what I want doesn’t matter, and pleasing Sir’s cock should be my only focus… but I’m a greedy slut so, I’ll eventually get desperate enough to start begging again (no matter how sore my ass is now), and the punishment cycle will begin again. :)


Side note- These pics were originally intended for Sir’s private collection, but he made me post them because he’s curious to know if you guys will like them more than my usual ass pics.

I guess that means that if this set gets enough likes, he’s going to make me post more pics like these in the future…. ugh… 

Just one more example of how life isn’t fair for sluts. ;)