Here are the ankle wraps from the DSG store! You can’t be a...

Here are the ankle wraps from the DSG store

You can’t be a proper prison slut without leg irons, but I was having a VERY difficult time wearing them. Even with socks on they bit into my achilles tendon and took a lot of the fun out of being paraded around the house as a slutty inmate. Even kneeling with them on hurt.. I have no idea how real prisoners wear them because they really really suck. 

I didn’t even bother to buy my own leg irons before getting these wraps because I knew I would never play with them on my own. I would wear Sir’s if he happened to have them handy, but even then I would get tired of them pretty quick. Don’t get me wrong- I think sluts deserve some discomfort, but this wasn’t a fun kind of discomfort for me. 

These cuff wraps from the Discerning Specialist are like a gift from God! They take away ALL the pain and make the leg irons totally wearable. 

The wraps are the same as the wrist wraps but a little longer. They’re made of thick leather with rolled edges that keep the leg irons from sliding off. They wrap around my ankles and are secured with velcro. 

My biggest concern about velcro is accidentally getting them caught on my stockings and ruining them so I cringed big time when Sir put them on over my stockings for the first time… but thankfully the velcro lines up so it doesn’t touch the skin, thus saving my stockings to be ruined by other things- like crawling around on the floor, hehehe. 

I tried the cuff wraps on over socks, stockings, and then just with bare skin. They feel the same with all variants, and the feel the same if I’m wearing heels or not. 

I find that the cuff wraps make it possible to get a nice snug fit around my ankle with the leg irons which makes them move around less and that actually feels a lot better. 

I’ve been wearing these a lot lately, and I’m happy to report I can wear them for several hours without any trouble. When I fell asleep in my cage with them on for a few hours, taking them off wasn’t the first thing that popped into my mind when I woke up. They make it fun to wear leg irons, so I’m happy to put them on and wear them around the house like I do with a lot of my gear.. just to feel sexy and submissive.   

From now on, these are an absolute must if I have to wear leg irons and I totally recommend them as a part of any prison-slut toy box. 

Not sure if they are listed yet, but you can find them at the Discerning Specialist store:

..and check out the Discerning Specialist site for reviews and info on high end BDSM gear:

I got my leg Irons from here: and they’ll even engrave things on them! heheh