Hi, I'm interested in buying the same style of FancySteel chastity belt that you have and I'd like...

Q: Hi, I'm interested in buying the same style of FancySteel chastity belt that you have and I'd like to ask you some questions about it (since there aren't any any other reviews! I think you and lockedlali may the the only ones to have bought it so far :P ). Why did you choose the rear chains over the cable? Is it comfortable to sit on? What size front shield did you get? I'm afraid that if it's too big it might hurt the insides of my legs. Thanks for the help and for your very nice blog!

Awww, thank you!

These were such great questions I thought I would share with everyone..

I chose the rear chains simply because its a different look from my usual belts, and I was curious about how they would feel. I’m happy to report that the chains are WAY more comfortable than I ever imagined and I absolutely love them. It’s truly the most comfortable belt I own, and I don’t notice the chains at all when I sit on them. I’m shocked.

I also have the version with the thong (mine has a pink leather belt- omg it’s so perfect), but I haven’t had a chance to wear that one as much. I like that it comes with both a leather thong, and a cable thong (the cable is easier to clean if you’re going to have it on for a long time). This belt is super comfortable, too. The leather on both belts make them more forgiving but you can still get them tight enough to be effective. 

As far as the shield goes- I have the larger sized shield, and it doesn’t hurt the insides of my legs. I wear my belts for 1-4 hours at a time ..sometimes 8 hours or overnight if Sir is feeling mean ;). I would say that if you’re having sore spots from any belt, the sizing might need to be adjusted and I would ask the maker of the belt what to do. (Fancy Steel is super helpful with that so don’t be shy)

Overall, I would totally recommend the hybrid belt based on comfort alone.. and I think the price is good, too. Not to mention, the style is super unique and you can totally customize it with different colors of leather, and hardware finishes. You can wear it with the straps in or out, and I think the brass washers make it look extra fancy. :) 

If you have any other questions let me know. I usually answer privately unless the questions are awesome like these were- or if you request a private response.

Thank you for such a lovely message, and good luck! :)