I always like to keep Sir updated on my outfits of the day and...

I always like to keep Sir updated on my outfits of the day and makeup results. 

My makeup takes a long time to get just right, and in this set of pics I was excited to show him I nailed the lipstick. Girls will understand how hard this can be with red lips.. you only get one shot and you either get it right, or spend a bunch of time trying to correct it and end up look like a clown.. heheh.. and I have a fairly asymmetrical lips/smile, so that makes it even more tricky.

Then, after I was all dressed and ready to go out, I took a couple pics for outfit approval. It’s not mandatory, but always makes me feel good to know he approves of my outfits. (and this outfit was definitely “Sir approved.” hehe)

I finished up by teasing him with a couple smoking fetish pics. Thats probably our most shameful fetish, but its totally a thing. 

I’m always working hard to keep Sir happy, and I love that he notices and appreciates it. If I’m lucky, I’ll even get to cum later! (but in general, I never expect anything in return for serving him..)