Lots of testing and research has gone into finding the perfect...

Lots of testing and research has gone into finding the perfect combination of gear that keeps me optimally useful to Sir as his mouth fuckhole.  

The leather bolero straightjacket (From JTStockroom)keeps my pesky arms out of the way and my hands safely away from my greedy pussy. A satisfied pussy makes for a less eager suck- which means I’m useless to Sir’s cock.  

The leather hood (from Restricted Senses on Etsy) keeps out distractions, and creates a nice quiet environment for me to contemplate my current situation as a mouth fuckhole. The hood allows for a ponytail which makes a convenient handle for Sir to grab for positioning, and the short leash (from the Discerning Specialist) is good for leading me around or pulling me down deeper on cock when I get lazy. 

The corset (From Mystic City Corsets) keeps me sitting up straight and the tiny waist is a lovely anchor point for the straightjacket. The stockings and leather panties with garter are only to make the outfit more visually pleasing for Sir so he can have something pretty to look at when he’s not using me. 

The whole combination of gear leaves me helpless with an eager mouth and nothing to do except wait to be useful. I can’t think of a better place for a mouth fuckhole to be. :)


A review for this straightjacket can be found on the Discerning Specialist: http://www.discerningspecialist.com/bdsm-gear/restraints/42-stockroom-bolero-straightjacket-review