More gag pics!! Been having soooooo much fun playing with it,...

More gag pics!! 

Been having soooooo much fun playing with it, omg. The penis is the perfect size to keep my mouth feeling stuffed, slutty and eager to suck.. and the way it wraps around my face gives me that yummy restricted/bondage feeling I get when I wear the muzzle gag.

I love that all the hardware is gold (because black/gold is totally my thing) and it even has a locking buckle so I can be reminded how helpless I am when I’m gagged.  I couldn’t be happier!

Sending a special thank you to Ken at the Discerning Specialist for making this sexy gag (and the collar and leash too, but I’ll do a separate post on those). I’m feeling super spoiled, and will definitely be posting lots of “thank you” pics and videos