Kitty denied

Since its harder to punish a cute slut, I take advantage of knowing that Sir likes to look at girls wearing specific accessories (i.e.: stockings, leather, fur, chastity belts, gloves and sometimes sunglasses)… It never hurts to send a few pics his way to keep him happy.

I can’t say for sure if this tactic actually works because he always manages to find something to punish me for anyway…but I like to think that it helps. :)

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Haven’t played with my muzzle in awhile, so I got dressed up and took a few pics for Sir.. :)

Side note- I think this is a great outfit to wear while waiting in storage for Sir to use me again..

-The muzzle to stop any whining or begging, and to remind me that I’m useless without a hole to fuck..  

-The heavy chain and collar to lock me up out of the way until needed again, and to remind me that I don’t get to decide when I can leave.

-The chastity belt and thigh bands to prevent any unauthorized cumming. Having a denied pussy always makes me very eager to get cock in my mouth as soon as the muzzle is removed. :)

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