Kitty denied

Slutty Office Assistant Uniform - part 3

This set shows the process of me getting undressed after a long day of pretending to be a productive office assistant.

I like that I can take off the shirt, and skirt, but all the important gear is still locked on by the chastity belt.. This way I’m motivated to see how I can be useful to Sir vs. sneaking off to play with my pussy. :)

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I took a couple quick iPhone pics before bed because I wanted to show off this new corset I got from Mystic City Corsets

I’ve been wanting a corset that looks a little more severe than the ones I normally wear, and this one totally did the trick.. I’m happy to report that even though it looks super uncomfortable- it feels AMAZING!!  I’m still seasoning it so I can’t close it all the way just yet, but I’m I’m looking forward to trying. :)

I’ll take some better quality pics with it soon.. :)

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