Kitty denied

Sir made me spend some time being useful in my shackles today. :)

When I was putting on my gear, I snuck in some “Sir approved” accessories (boots, fur, jewelry, garter and stockings), and he was quite pleased with the result. He especially liked the boots. :) 

It’s always fun to surprise Sir by looking sexier than he was expecting… and sometimes I even get less punishment. ;)

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As part of my training, I’ve been sleeping in my full set of shackles all week. They go on after Sir is done with me for the day and work as a constant reminder that I am owned even when I’m not being used at that moment. The shackles also ensure that I wake up wet and eager to be made useful, which is helpful when I have a long day of being belted ahead of me. 

After I’m locked into the shackles, I have to put the keys in the key safe for 2 hours.. thats enough time to let me fall asleep but makes the keys available if I have some sort of late night freak out -which is unlikely, but stranger things have happened. 

The first night I didn’t have to attach the chains, but starting the second night forward I used chains as well. I love how the chains restrict my arm movement, but not enough to make moving impossible.. just makes everything a little slower. Since the chains and shackles are powder coated they seem to feel a little warmer on my body than regular chains, but they’re still cold and heavy and deliciously oppressive. :)

As far as sleeping goes, it takes me a little while to get comfortable in them, but once I’m asleep I have no trouble making it the whole night. The jingly noises make them even harder to ignore, and serve as a good reminder of how sluts with greedy pussies are treated treated. 

Thankfully, I have the freedom to cum whenever I want once Sir is done with me so this is the perfect time to take advantage of that. Nothing hotter than laying in bed with heavy shackles and chains and thinking about all the slutty things I did during the day to please Sir. :)

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This week Sir has increased my chastity belt wearing time in an effort to make it part of my daily routine, and ultimately make me more useful and eager to serve.  This week he’s been testing to see the most appropriate length of time to keep me in my belt and checking to see what different plug/belt/shield combinations will do for my sucking performance and overall usefulness. :)

I’ve been assigned a daily routine to complete, and so far it’s going pretty well. The main points of the routine are that I go to sleep each night in my full set of shackles (Including the waist shackle), and when I wake up I have to put my belt on as soon as possible. (I can go to the bathroom and take a shower first of course) Then the keys get put in the key safe for a couple hours. 

Putting the belt on as soon as I wake up ensures that I don’t sneak in any cums and get lazy, thus rendering myself useless to Sir. Putting the keys in the key safe makes sure I don’t get any crazy ideas and take my belt off and helps instill the helpless/trapped feeling thats makes for such an eager slut. 

The 2 hour time frame is long enough to get me in the right mindset for service, and gives me some free time to get prettied up with hair and makeup so I look perfect when Sir decides to use me. The 2 hour time frame also gives Sir some free time to do whatever he wants before I could possibly need instructions or cause trouble with my greedy pussy. 

After a couple hours of being belted, I’m always wet and eager to be used… So, at that point I can beg Sir for tasks, and he will either tell me what I will be doing for the day, or he might just ignore me and wait to see slutty things I do on my own and punish accordingly. :)

So, Heres an update on my second day ..

Training Day 2 (part 1)
On Day 2, I woke up in my shackles feeling very slutty and eager to serve. I somehow managed to stop myself from playing with my pussy, took a shower,  and put my belt on. I wore my super tight fitting rigid belt that makes me feel extra restricted.

Once my belt was locked on tight and the keys were in the key safe I felt the reality of my situation and easily transitioned in to the mouth fuckhole I’ve been trained to be. Any other plans I had for the day melted away and my entire focus shifted to pleasing Sirs cock. 

Sir always makes good use of an eager slut, so  at this point I was ordered to do some sucking practice- which is always a welcome distraction from an ignored pussy, not to mention helps improve my sucking performance and remind me what I’m good for.

Sir always has me do sucking practice with the dildo on the mirror. Having the dildo on the mirror forces me to look at myself while I’m sucking, and seeing how slutty I am only makes me more wet which serves as proof that I’m being treated exactly how I deserve to be treated. 

While sucking I always like to think about Sir’s, ‘sucking key points’ just incase I get quizzed on them mid-suck (I always fail quizzes like this).. So, I was going over my slutty mantra in my head…”Moaning, depth, tongue, enthusiasm”.. and trying to ignore my greedy pussy.

I’m not sure how long I spent sucking, but after Sir determined I was sufficiently wet and frustrated I was instructed to remain belted and go to the mall and do some bra and panty shopping… And of course I was to keep Sir updated with pictures and report on my progress the entire time.. :)

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Sir suggested I take some pics with the glasses kitties, so that was a perfect excuse to get dressed up and be slutty. :)

Since I haven’t had a chance to show off my shackles from Dungeon Delights yet, I decided to wear them and practice moving around with the chains locked on. I love how heavy they are and how the chains restrict my moment. Nothing feels better than being totally locked up with no hope of escape.

I’m working on a more complete review of my experience with the shackles, but that requires I stop playing with my pussy long enough to type one out, hehe. I suppose that’s what my chastity belt is for. ;)

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