There was a time when electrical play was a hard limit for me,...

There was a time when electrical play was a hard limit for me, but since I trust Sir with every fiber of my being I was willing to try out this shock collar. I’m happy to report that it’s been such a great experience that I can’t imagine playing without it. Its great for obedience training, getting immediate results, or for when Sir just feels like being mean to me for no reason hehe.  

So heres what prompted this post- Now you can order a Premium Leather Shock Collar from The Discerning Specialist !!! Its true!

I’ll let you read the listing because he does a great job giving all the specs, and rational for the design. He also explains why its used on the back of the neck, how the prongs are modded for use on slutty girls, and why he chose the specific Dogtra IQ model.. so it’s worth taking a look at even if you’re not going to buy one right now because its designed so well, and has been tested thoroughly. (Theres a review fro the dogtra unit itself here)

I will be doing more posts talking about my personal experiences with the shock collar in later posts, but I just wanted to throw a few pics up and let you guys know its finally available to purchase! 

So check out the Discerning Specialist Gear Shop and get one so I’m not the only poor kitty thats suffering…. heheh

Side note.. as with all my collars, this one has a little bit different hardware than the listing because I demand gold and the extra strap keepers (I’m super spoiled by the Discerning Specialist and he lets me be picky about my hardware)… but you can choose between different types of metal, O rings, and you can have a locking buckle if you like silver. 

If you ask me, I think he should only offer silver hardware because I’ve claimed black and gold as my signature look, but apparently thats not fair and I dont get to make that decision, hehe (⁎˃ᆺ˂) 


Buy your shock collar here:

Read the review of the Dogtra IQ shock unit here: