Men's Advanced Chastity Belt
Men's Advanced Chastity Belt Men's Advanced Chastity Belt Men's Advanced Chastity Belt Men's Advanced Chastity Belt Men's Advanced Chastity Belt Men's Advanced Chastity Belt Men's Advanced Chastity Belt Men's Advanced Chastity Belt Men's Advanced Chastity Belt Men's Advanced Chastity Belt Men's Advanced Chastity Belt Men's Advanced Chastity Belt Men's Advanced Chastity Belt Men's Advanced Chastity Belt Men's Advanced Chastity Belt Men's Advanced Chastity Belt Men's Advanced Chastity Belt Men's Advanced Chastity Belt Men's Advanced Chastity Belt Men's Advanced Chastity Belt Men's Advanced Chastity Belt Men's Advanced Chastity Belt Men's Advanced Chastity Belt Men's Advanced Chastity Belt Men's Advanced Chastity Belt
$2,499.00 AUD

Fancy Steel Men’s Advanced Chastity Belt

After years in development, Fancy Steel is thrilled to release the crown jewel in the Advanced Chastity range - the Fancy Steel Men's Advanced Chastity Belt. Combine the highest quality engineering with the very latest in technological advancement, and you have the ultimate, high-end chastity experience you have been waiting for...

The Advanced Chastity design encapsulates everything that is Fancy Steel - innovative technology and design, with a luxury fit, feel and finish. Crafted from 1mm 307 Stainless Steel, the cup design encloses the entire pubic area, making it impossible to penetrate the belt without permission. The size of the design allows for over 200 moving parts, including a highly-advanced PCB circuit, and two high-powered servo motors that control the Advanced locking system. The belt has been precision-welded, with each piece meticulously fitted by hand. The Advanced Chastity Belt is finished with a beautiful neoprene main lining and food-grade silicon rear-cable lining, enhancing comfort and ensuring the perfect fit.

How can I connect my belt?

Connect your device using one of two modes;
Access Point (AP) Connection connect the belt directly to your Android device
Wi-Fi internet Connection connect the belt to an Android device over Wi-Fi, allowing remote control from anywhere in the world.

What are the different modes?

Warning Mode: When activated, a default 60-second timer appears. Adjust the timer up and down by 10-second increments to increase or decrease the interval between shocks. A countdown begins, and the timer auto-repeats your selection until switched off. 
Random Mode: Allows you to randomly generate a shock cycle, keeping your submissive on their toes and they will not know when to expect their next shock.
Sleep Deprivation Mode: Four warning beeps sound, forcing the wearer to move into an upright position to avoid being shocked. Remain in this position until a further two warning beeps sound, then move back into a sleeping position in time to avoid another shock. This mode repeats the four and two-warning beeps until switched off.
Pet Training Mode: Designed to keep you on your hands and knees, like a good little pet. If the belt senses movement from this position, you will be shocked until you resume the pet position.

Can I set a timer between shocks?

Yes, a timer can be selected to shock at an interval of your choosing. This function can also be applied and used in conjunction with any other mode.

What does the shock feel like?

Within the internal Chastity tube, there is a small electrode the size of a nickel. It vibrates and delivers training shocks on command, initiated through use of the app. The shock pulse operates on a level 1-50, with 50-100 increasing the duration of the shock. The shock is designed to command your slave's attention, with the sensation of a pin-prick or sharp pinch.

What is the Wi-Fi Fence?

Add a V-Cage upgrade to your Advanced Chastity Belt to enhance your experience. This addition allows you to activate an invisible cage for your wearer. If the wearer leaves the safe zone, they will be shocked until they return to the perimeter set for them.

What's in the box?

You will receive a custom-fitted Advanced Chastity Belt, adjustment tools, 1 x magnetic micro-USB charger.
Upgrades including O-Rings and a Rear Plug Holder are also available to add at purchase.

How does the app work?

Once your Advanced Chastity Belt ships, you will receive a link via email to download your unique app that connects to your device, and your device only. Each Advanced Chastity Belt has a unique serial number that is coded to your belt only - this ensures the security of your device's connection at all times. You can forward your unique app to your Master or Mistress, to surrender full control of the device.

Can I use the app on an Apple device?

Unfortunately, due to Apple content restrictions, we are unable to have our app hosted on an Apple device. We recommend purchasing a low-cost Android device specifically for this purpose.

Where do I find instructions to use my Advanced Chastity Belt? 

Your device will be shipped with a Quick Start Guide and Instructions For Use, ensuring you are off to a flying start.

Do I provide measurements? 

As with all of our Fancy Steel Chastity Belts, the Advanced Chastity Belt is made to order. We require a range of specific measurements to ensure the perfect fit, and a comprehensive guide to taking your own measurements is below. An instructional guide can also be found here.

How long does the battery last? 

The battery life varies depending on the mode and intensity of use. Generally, we expect the battery to last 6-8 hours before charging is required.

Is it safe? 

Our Fancy Steel Advanced Range is designed to be used in a safe and consensual environment. Our electrical engineering team have carried out extensive testing to ensure the safety, quality and durability of your product.

Is the Advanced Chastity Belt waterproof? 

Due to the electrical technology found in this belt, the Advanced Chastity Belt is not waterproof and is not designed for use in or around water. 

Production time? 

The Advanced Chastity Belt requires a 12-week lead time for fabrication. We endeavour to have orders fulfilled as quickly as possible, but we won't compromise on quality. 

Are there other products available in the Fancy Steel Advanced Chastity Range?

Fancy Steel has developed both male and female Advanced Chastity Belts, using the same innovative technology. Our Advanced Training Collar X operates using similar technology - the perfect mix of danger and fun.

Fancy Steel Discretion Guarantee 

All Fancy Steel products are shipped discreetly in plain packaging. International customs declarations mark our products as 'custom steel fabrication' for your convenience. 

In purchasing the Fancy Steel Advanced Chastity Belt, the client agrees to the following Terms Of Use; 

This product is a novelty device. Fancy Steel is not responsible for the servicing, repair or replacement of any electronic components caused by mis-use, tampering or accidental damage. The battery life of this product is limited due to the extensive technology in use. Fancy Steel has endeavoured to extend battery life as much as possible, however due to the technology and design of the product, the expected battery life remains at 6-8 hours, dependent upon mode of use. If the battery depletes while in use, the belt will remain locked to the wearer. In this event, the charging port is located on the exterior side of the device, and charging will need to be initiated while the belt is worn. Once charging has commenced, the device will re-activate and return to its most recent mode of use. The design of this product includes many sensitive electronic elements, both internal and external. As such, this product is not to be considered water-safe or waterproof. Fancy Steel actively discourages use in or around water for the safety of both the wearer and the device. As this product is a novelty device, it is expected that user experience may vary. Due to its advanced technological capabilities, this product has been designed for intense, short-term wear. If you require a device suited for long-term wear, we recommend other Fancy Steel Chastity Belt options including the Men's Slim Fit, Men's Hip Belt or the Men's High Waist Belt.


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