Advanced Training Collar X
Advanced Training Collar X Advanced Training Collar X Advanced Training Collar X Advanced Training Collar X Advanced Training Collar X Advanced Training Collar X Advanced Training Collar X Advanced Training Collar X Advanced Training Collar X Advanced Training Collar X Advanced Training Collar X Advanced Training Collar X
$730.00 AUD

Advanced Training Collar X

Updated Design and Firmware 3.0

"Control The Collar From Anywhere In The World Via Wi-FI" 

This is our hugely popular addition to the Fancy Steel Advanced Series, offering the perfect mix of danger and fun. With multiple modes, our Advanced Training Collar offers a tailored experience you can control. 

Please Note: Due to content restrictions, this product can only be run on an Android device. We recommend purchasing a low-cost Android specifically for this purpose, that will act as a remote.

How can I connect my device?

Connect your device using one of two modes;

Access Point (AP) Connection connect the collar directly to your Android device
Wi-Fi internet Connection connect the collar to an Android device over Wi-Fi, allowing remote control from anywhere in the world
Connection tutorial video

What are the different modes?

Warning Mode: When activated, a default 60-second timer appears. Adjust the timer up and down by 10-second increments to increase or decrease the interval between shocks. A countdown begins, and the timer auto-repeats your selected until switched off.

 Random Mode: When activated, a countdown is randomly selected and displayed on the collar. After each shock, the collar randomly selects a new countdown until switched off. An optional warning buzzer allows the wearer to hear countdown, or be surprised.

Sleep Deprivation Mode: Four warning beeps sound, forcing the wearer to move into an upright position to avoid being shocked. Remain in this position until a further two warning beeps sound, then move back into a sleeping position in time to avoid another shock. This mode repeats the four and two-warning beeps until switched off.

Pet Training Mode: This mode is designed to prevent the wearer from lifting their head. If the head is raised from a downward-facing position, a shock is automatically delivered. New feature, 'Fast Pet Mode', delivers an instant shock if the wearer moves from pet position, without warning.

Can I set a timer between shocks?

Yes, a timer can be selected to shock at an interval of your choosing. This function can also be used in conjunction with any other mode.

What is the Wi-Fi Fence?

Add a V-Cage upgrade to your collar to enhance your experience. This addition allows you to activate an invisible cage for your wearer. If the wearer leaves the safe zone, they will be shocked until they return to the perimeter set for them.

What's in the box?

You will receive a fully adjustable steel collar, a personalised app, a locking pin with lock, and a magnetic USB charger.

How does the app work?

Once your collar ships, you will receive a link via email to download your unique app that connects to your device, and your device only.

Can I use the app on an Apple device?

Unfortunately, due to Apple content restrictions, we are unable to have our app hosted on an Apple device. We recommend purchasing a low-cost Android device specifically for this purpose.

Where do I find instructions to use my Advanced Training Collar? 

Your shipment will come with the Quick Start Guide and the Instructions for Use. You can also watch our instructional YouTube clip below. 

Do I provide measurements? 

The Advanced Training Collar is adjustable and designed to fit most neck sizes, ranging from 13-18 inches.

How long does the battery last? 

The battery life varies depending on the mode and intensity of use. Generally, we expect the battery to last 6-8 hours before charging is required.

Is it safe? 

Our Advanced Collar is designed to be used in a safe and consensual environment. Our electrical engineering team have carried out extensive testing to ensure the safety, quality and durability of your collar.

Is the collar waterproof? 

Due to the electrical technology found in this device, the Advanced Training Collar is not waterproof and is not designed for use in or around water. 

Production time? 

The Advanced Collar takes approximately 4 weeks to fabricate - we endeavour to have orders fulfilled as quickly as possible, but we won't compromise on quality.

Are other Advanced FS products available?

Fancy Steel has developed both male and female Advanced Chastity Belts, using the same innovative technology.

What are people saying about the Advanced Training Collar?

"Pet mode is insane...what a great invention." 
"After almost a month, this has become part of everyday life. Thanks to the great design and fit, this really is the crown jewel of design. I ordered the collar with a metal O-ring to attach a leash. This works well and it looks like a normal collar, but with the magic of electricity. The range of electrical shock is great - everything from a little pleasing, to direct punishment. I'll never forget the first time I got a real one." 


Watch our internet demonstration of the Advanced Training Collar in action 

Movement Mode: The addition of our new 'Gyroscope' technology detects any movement from the wearer, delivering an instant shock if they disobey and move.

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