FS3 Women's Chastity Belt - Slim Fit
FS3 Women's Chastity Belt - Slim Fit
FS3 Women's Chastity Belt - Slim Fit
FS3 Women's Chastity Belt - Slim Fit
FS3 Women's Chastity Belt - Slim Fit
FS3 Women's Chastity Belt - Slim Fit
FS3 Women's Chastity Belt - Slim Fit
FS3 Women's Chastity Belt - Slim Fit
FS3 Women's Chastity Belt - Slim Fit
FS3 Women's Chastity Belt - Slim Fit
FS3 Women's Chastity Belt - Slim Fit

FS3 Women's Chastity Belt - Slim Fit

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 FS3 Women's Chastity Belt - Slim Fit

Introducing the next generation of Fancy Steel...

We have been making belts for almost 6 years now, and over time, we have tweaked the design according to customer needs, expectations and feedback. But now, it's time for a fresh start - so we're rebooting our beloved Slim Fit design with the quality, handmade finish you know, and the custom fittings you expect.

The FS3 range goes beyond the boundaries of traditional chastity belt design, with a new and innovative cabling system, making it one of the most adjustable chastity ranges on the market. The new 'naked' design allows the female shield to be shaped to your body's precise curves. The narrowed design provides a sleeker and more comfortable fit. The curved secondary shield facilitates drainage while adding an attractive, laser-cut finish.

Made to Fancy Steel's top quality standards, using only the best materials - 304 stainless steel with a high-polish finish on all belt models.

FS Measurement Guide below - making the perfect fit, simple.  

Built For Quality 

The main frame and fittings are constructed from laser-cut 304 Stainless Steel with a high-polish finish. Lining options have been crafted with comfort in mind - options include neoprene rubber lining as standard. Our new and improved cabling system is lined with medical-grade silicon, eliminating the worry of any pinch or stress points. 

The new locking system across all belts has been improved using CNC technology - with higher precision locking shackles, and an upgrade to industry-leading ASSA ABLOY padlocks across the range.


Designed For Fun

The Slim Fit was designed for active use - by this, we mean the original design was born from a client requesting a sleek, low-profile design that could be worn to yoga, undetected. The FS3 delivers the same wearability and performance, with our best ever fit. It eliminates the traditional, rigid design usually associated with chastity, and replaces it with a flexible, steel rope allowing the waist straps to move with your body.

This creates an alternative chastity option, suited for long-term wear. The adjustable waist allows you to make incremental tweaks to the sizing until you reach the perfect, secure fit in all places.

Product Specs

Slim Fit Primary Shield Width 49mm, Length 140mm 

Secondary Outer Shield Width 25mm, Length 130mm 

Key Hole Opening Width 9mm Length 100mm

Laser-cut Honeycomb Grid 

Sizing Requirements

A. Hip Measurement (cm) 

Slim-Fit Chastity Belts are designed to be worn lower on the hips, so take measurement A from the fullest part of your hips.  

B. Crotch Length (cm)

Crotch length measure through your crotch level with measurement A, front centre to back centre

What's In The Box?

- Primary Slim-Fit Shield, Featuring Laser-Cut Honeycomb Grid 

- Rear T-Bar Cable Set, Silicon-Lined

- Locking System and ASSA ABLOY 25mm brass padlock   

Fancy Steel Discretion Guarantee 

All Fancy Steel products are shipped discretely in plain packaging. International customs declarations mark our products as 'custom steel fabrication' for your convenience.

Products are carefully wrapped and discretely packaged in plain boxes

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Johnny Brook
Thank you very much, it looks fantastic

Hello! I'm most glad today, having received the female chastity slim-fit belt. Thank you very much, it looks fantastic   Particularly, the "P1-style" dome shield. That's above and beyond the call of duty. It's much appreciated touch!

I love the belt.

We received it earlier this week.
Thank you very much! I love the belt.

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