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Caprice Hunter Captured
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inmate Caprice Hunter has escaped custody of Chastity Prison.

I was obsessed with freedom, craved freedom, can even taste it from the outside air, away from the dusty farm or cold damp cells of the prison. That was all I could think of as I went through the forest trying to escape from the sadists that kept me locked up in that prison. I first used the key from that mysterious woman to escape my cell, now I took a large rock and smashed the ankle cuffs that bound my legs. These cuffs were barbaric and rusty but worked in my favor as I easily broke free from their iron clutches. But no matter how many cuffs I broke free from. There was one device I had to break from my body, this evil chastity belt. As long as I had this chastity belt, I was not free. As long as I had this chastity belt, I was still a slave to this experimental prison I will be in for the rest of my life. The desire to break free from the clutches of this belt are so great, I will be a free woman again!

Running through the streets I quickly found a back yard with normal clothes drying out. I quickly undressed out of this uncomfortable and heavy prison uniform I was issued. The prized possession of the prison glistened in the sun as my chastity belt was exposed. The breeze felt good on my skin, the breeze of freedom. Though, my pussy was still in a cage, begging to have a taste of the wind. I quickly put on the clothes and continued my way to freedom. But it was no use, I was quickly captured once again.

I arrived and found myself restrained on all fours standing up, completely vulnerable to whatever might come. He guards came in with a all too familiar device. It was another chastity belt! But this one was different than the rest. It was shaped more like metal briefs than the more thong style of belt I was wearing. This one looked futuristic, and intimidating. But this belt's bark is nothing compared to it's bite. I shivered as the guards told me the new belt's functions. First, the belt has fingerprint technology, meaning that only the fingerprint of the master of the prison can only unlock me! Never again will I be at the mercy of a metal key that can be taken away, now I am at the mercy of a fingerprint which can not be taken away. This technological belt also has a GPS function. This will make escape impossible. Lastly, this device has an electric “punishment” feature that they can use on me if I become unorderly. This is so cruel! Even I don't deserve this!

I was dragged by the officers to a dark underground portion of the prison I've never been to. I was to be placed in this strange laser prison cell. If I even touch the lazers, my pussy would be shocked! I couldn't believe what they were doing! I could not move an inch in this circle of pain. I was tired, scared.

Weeks have passed by since my ordeal. I am still in prison and now with a new cell mate of a chastity belt. Because of my escape attempt, they regularly give me inspections to make sure my inescapable underwear is still strapped on me. Even worse, I am regularly forced to sleep in nothing but my new metal panties. I had no choice but to submit to these bastards.

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$14.99 AUD

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