Women's Advanced Chastity Belt
Women's Advanced Chastity Belt Women's Advanced Chastity Belt Women's Advanced Chastity Belt

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Fancy Steel Advanced Belt - Women's

This belt was the first product in the Fancy Steel Advanced range. 

The Advanced range was designed to take Chasity to the next level, using innovative technology that provides the wearer with new experiences and the high quality design, fit and finish associated with the Fancy Steel brand.  

Using android technology the key holder will have control of the chastity device at their fingertips. The belt has direct connection capabilities using AP technology allowing a mobile phone to connect directly to the belt, providing immediate remote control over the features on the belt.  

Alternatively, it is also possible to connect the belt via wi-fi and have control from wherever you might be in the world.  

Key Features:

  • Remote controlled lock / unlock feature.
  • AP connective technology (or wi-fi connect).
  • Pet Mode: the wearer must be on all fours, the belt will detect when the wearer moves from this position and a shock will be given. 
  • Vibrate Mode: allowing the wearer to experience pleasure as a reward.
  • Time Lock: allowing the belt to remain locked for a designated period of time.
  • Shock Timer: allowing a shock to be administered at a designated time.
  • Random Shock Mode: providing an unexpected shock to the wearer.  

This product is the result of a lengthy and complex research and design process using components never before seen in the chastity belt industry.  
It is for Fancy Steel the premium product in our range and combines the latest available technology with sleek and considered design.  
As such we have decided to only release a small number of these belts to ensure we never compromise on our commitment to custom built quality.  

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