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20:00 Min 1080HD Chastity belt fetish Video 

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Shot in the Australian out back this short film explores the fetish genres of chastity belts, Prison, chain gangs, hard labor, bondage, dominance. 

Story line.

I was being driven to an unmarked sight, a forced labor camp, as punishment for, yet again, trying to escape the metal panties that were strapped on me. The guards made sure I was nice and shackled, as I and another prisoner named Scarlett were loaded into a van to spend a week laboring in the baking sun. The drive was quite, we dare not say a word or appear defiant in anyway. I peeked at Scarlett, a pretty girl who was caught in a prostitution sting, or that was the rumor. I was sure she was belted and feeling the same carnal desires I was feeling. Prisoners in chastity prison rarely, if ever, talk to each other, so I was not sure what she is in for. Perhaps she was innocent? It didn't matter. The difference between her and me was that she would have access to herself in a couple of years, while I will be denied my womanly pleasures for the rest of my life.

We arrived at the sight in the middle of nowhere. The van stopped inside a decrepit barn. Scarlett and myself were quickly exited out of the van, and lined up. There, we meet a strange man who was obviously in charge of this camp. We were to address him as sir and told us the rules of the camp. What was his relationship to the prison? I did not know or care. All I knew was that these guards enjoyed my predicament and were about to make my life more of a hell than it already is.

They then told us to strip our bright orange prison garbs as we will be wearing something more “appropriate” for our tasks. Hesitant as always, I asked for privacy at the very least. That too, was denied from me, just like my freedom, just like my womanhood. We both slowly undressed. I was seething inside and humiliated as I stripped off the clothing, revealing the chastity belt I am forced to wear for life. It wasn't so much my naked body I was defiant to show, after all, I have shown many men my body as I was cheating on my husband. No, it was this damn belt that keeps me from so many wonderful pleasures. The chastity belt was more than a device to make sure I behave inside this prison system, it was a symbol. A powerful symbol that they own me, they own my pussy and I am at their absolute mercy.


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