Tomb Raider 2

Tomb Raider 2

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Fancy Steel presents 

Fancy Steel presents Tomb Raider 2

"The power of the green stone."


Kiki Isobel is back as sexy Lara croft. This Adventure story leads Lara in search to find a powerful stone. Lara is captured, imprisoned and interrogated. She doesn't give up the stone only to learn of its extraordinary powers once inserted inside her using a butt plug.  


Notes from the Director, James Grey...

We all had a little crush on Lara Croft, whether it was the video games or Hollywood movies - who wouldn't mind getting with Lara Croft. Tomb Raider 2 the video game brings back such fond memories. I've added some little game easter eggs. 

We had a great time making this Movie at different locations, with costume changes, props, CGI computer FX the works. 

Please download and support this industry so we can keep making fetish films. Don't be the guy who uploads to Porn hub, Please support the models and crew. 



'TOMB RAIDER' - Run Time 19.30 HD video


 Kiki Isobel, Axel, Mantra Rope


Cosplay, BDSM, chastity, bondage, Lara croft, kidnapping 

9th March 2023

Action porn

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