Chastity Prison Chain Gang Girls
Chastity Prison Chain Gang Girls Chastity Prison Chain Gang Girls
$49.00 AUD

Fancy Steel presents Chain gang girls. 


Fancy Steel, in association with, presents Chain Gang Girls, the movie.

Follow the real-life account of four vulnerable, troubled girls winding up incarcerated. They tell their story in detail of being dominated by brutal prison guards and sent to work in a hard labour camp. This movie features the degrading behaviour the girls endured in prison uniforms, handcuffs, and leg irons. 

This movie is a must-see for fans of Chastity Prison, with fantasies about troubled girls serving time. 


She's got attitude, Sentenced for stealing Cars; she must work off her debts on the chain. 


Looks can be deceiving; this pocket rocket beat a security guard after being court stealing make-up. Not so funny now digging holes


This Little Bratt was shipped out to the chain gang after the prison couldn't take her cheek any more.


This cutie is serving four hard years for fraud, making fake cash checks to buy drugs. She wishes to be in a nice cold cell, not working on the chain. 



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Written and Directed by James Grey

Starring Sylvie Rose, Ariana Barbie, Lexii, Kittyxbb, Mantra Rope and Vegan Beagle

Production Fancy Productions, _Eroticaus_

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Part 1  24.00 minutes Running Time
Part 2  26.00 minutes Running Time

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