Poppy chastity prison series

Poppy chastity prison series

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Enter the strange and twisted world of chastity prison. 

Poppy is a young woman full of rebellious spirit. All day long she searches for all types of pleasure, even some forbidden by the laws of the state. Despite prostitution and sexual deviancy being illigal now in this state, Poppy still freely does as she pleases with no respect for the law. And because she freely does as she pleases, we will freely apply the penalty to her as we please with respect for the law.

Our special street team found her up to no good, clearly searching for a law to break. We arrested her, brought her in, and went through the usual booking process. However, this prison she was in was no ordinary prison. No, this was a special prison, a prison designed to curb deviant behavior. A prison to control her, to teach her, and to dominate her. This was Chastity Prison. We stuck poor Poppy into a small cell. With literially nothing to do. Time went by with nothing for her to do. However, this was all apart of our plan. A plan to catch her in the act, a plan to catch her in a trap. And like a spider waiting for a fly, we saw Poppy trying to curb her bordom by sticking her hand down her scrubs and playing with something that is off limits inside this prison. 


This gives us the chance, as we catch her in the act, to put her in the real “cell” of chastity prison, in the form of one of our chastity belts. We will restrain her to our chairs to make sure she tries nothing funny as we lock her new metal panties to her person. There will be no escape, no running away. Her rebellious spirit will be broken by cold hard steel. 












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