Chain Task Part 3To Completion:==============-Go fetch some...

Chain Task Part 3
To Completion:

-Go fetch some dildos to suck on the mirror, after setup, take gag off to rotate sucking for at least 5min.

-Once complete, go fetch nub sleeve, muzzle, big locks / keys.Unlock chain to be able to remove panties, add nub sleeve to crotch chain zone to make sure it lays on your pussy and clit. Lock chain back up, then put panties dirty side to tongue to then strap on muzzle on tight. 

KD: This was especially uncomfortable because the chain really pushed the plug deep in my ass, and the nub sleeve might not look like a big deal but its really quite very effective at stopping me from humping the chain to try and cum.

-Lock cuffs to sides of belt, and leave keys there, go to cage (should be a totally different room) for 10min at least. Assumed belt main lock is somewhere one of your hands can reach.

KD: locking my hands to my sides makes it impossible to try and sneak in any touching- pulling on the chain only pushes the plug deeper in my ass or moves the nub sheath around enough to make my pussy sore. 

-Once complete you can go fetch your keys, take off gag / panties and please a dildo while getting out of any other bondage. 

KD: Overall was a very fun training session. Being gagged with my own wet panties ensures I don’t forget what a slut I am, and why I’m being treated this way. Thank you Sir for being so creative. :)