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Fancy Steel Chastity – The Slim Fit belt

Fancy Steel Chastity

Fancy Steel Chastity Belt, the Slim Fit belt, is the Holy Grail of all self-denial devices!

Have you been on the hunt for a comfortable and capable male chastity device?

Have you been through some embarrassing moments with other orgasm denial devices?

Maybe you have tried ball-trap devices! Did you know they do not provide enough security?

You can still pull out your dick no matter how you adjust them.

Alternatively, maybe you considered getting PA piercing or thought about using a full belt. In most cases, both might be the solution.

Nevertheless, the fact remains you do get some security but not enough.

WHY—if you can get your hand around the base of your penis you can still jerk off without touching the sweet spot.

That is why you need a restrictive device preventing you from getting an erection.

What you are looking for is one leaving you with frustration as your penis strains against the confines in the cage.

We have news for you! You may have found one that works well right here with the “Slim Fit from Fancy Steel”.

So what makes this chastity device better than others do? Find out here!

Why Choose Men’s Fancy Steel Chastity Slim Fit?

Slimfit Design

As mentioned getting a PA fixing with full belt might be your solution to getting the best security for orgasm denial.

However, if you have tendinitis issues in the groin, the restriction around the balls cause severe pain.

You may be able to wear the ball trap for a day or two. Wearing a full belt can cause the same problem.

Furthermore, the belt fits tight to provide enough security but the pressure of a front plate or to use a penis tube cause’s discomfort.

With a PA and full belt together, it can fit looser, making it more breathable in the sore spot. Now, this is where the men’s Slim Fit helps.  

What makes it so ideal you can wear it without piercings, but need to wear it a bit tighter?

Furthermore, the waistband fits comfortably on your waist or the hips.

The chastity belt has hypoallergenic black silicone over the steel cables. What’s more, the cord adjusts to a perfect fit with the 30mm standard tube.

So will the belt fit perfect immediately? No, you will have to make a few adjustments the first couple of days to find an ideal spot.

The best of all if you do not have tendinitis issues you can wear it tighter.

To add security, you can get an optional pullout shield on top of the tube and comes highly recommended.

How secure is the male chastity belt?

Fancy Steel Orgasm Denial

It is as secure as any other full belt. You can cut through the steel cable if you have bolt cutters.

Furthermore, you can cut through the waistband as well. At least you know it is a solution if ever you are stuck!

Do you know what makes it perfect? The design of the PA fixing is brilliant and a handy tool as it makes putting on the device simpler.

The unique pin you find sticking out the front of the tubing and attaches to a regular PA ring on the inside of the tube.

However, we recommend replacing it with a short jewelry chain to clasp the 4ga ring with the PA pin.

You can do this if you find the rings too big. Once locked in the chastity belt, you will not be able to access the chain on the inside of the tube for unclasping.  

Fancy Steel Chastity Comfort

Chastity Belt Comfort

The Fancy Steel Slim Fit Chastity belt is comfortable.

Once you try it yourself, the first thing you notice is a significant improvement over other belts.

The aircraft cable is on the rear section connecting the penis tube through the butt crack to the back of the belt.

Alternatively, you find the same cable on the waistband providing stealth under your clothes.

While it remains in the butt-crack and feels like getting a wedgie you do get used to it.

You may even find the sensation erotic and pleasurable as well.

Now how do you poop? Luckily you do get enough slack to pull the cable aside when having number two.  

Even the physical activity is fantastic with the chastity belt. You will be able to run, do weights, and cycle.

Sleeping with the Fancy Steel Chastity is good and better than wearing a ball trap.

Furthermore, you do wake up with a morning erection, and all you do is getting up, go pee.

The only minor issue you may find is the cable resting against your balls and becomes pinchy at times.

To solve this, you can use electrical tape and replace it once a week. Alternatively, you can always glue a piece of rubber instead.

Hygiene is excellent, and a squirt with a water bottle and soapy water through the penis tube does the trick.

Furthermore, you can use a swab to dry it off as well.

However, we recommend giving it a good cleaning twice a week at least.

Should You Buy the Fancy Steel Chastity Belt?

Slim Fit Sissification

If you want to prevent messing up your life with denial play, the Slim Fit belt is your solution.

You can wear it 24/7 for up to 60-hours straight without discomfort.

You may have to do some tweaking for it to fit perfectly. Cleaning the penis tube and belts easy and after a few days, you can remove it for a thorough cleaning.

There is no pain, sleepless nights, or skin irritations. On the other hand, the device is incredible, and you may even decide to order a 2nd one.

Measure yourself today and get this male chastity device!

Chastity Belt Measurement

So how do you measure yourself to order one of these Fancy Steel Chastity belts?

Take one of your leather belts and place it around your hips where you want it to sit comfortably. Now measure the length.

Furthermore, now that you have your waistband measurement, take the measuring tape and at the same height measure your crotch.

You have completed your measurements, so get online and order yourself one.


Initial Review of #FS2093

 My wife and I have been working at the chastity lifestyle for quite some time now looking for the "holy grail" and have tried many different potential solutions from the plastic CBxx series cages, a steel Lori (longest stint 75 days in) and a cheaper steel tube with a urethral insert and even a 3-d printed Evotion, to a full Neosteel, a full Reinholds composite and now a full Fancy Steel belt. I give a brief history as it will help explain why the Fancy Steel belt is so good.

The various efforts at cages all resulted in NO real security (I could pull out of each one) until I got a 8g pa piercing (to be used with the Lori and the Evotion) and basically all resulted in sore nightly erections as the cage is pushed outwards, and a large bulge in your pants with continual adjustment being required. In any case in each cage scenario it was possible to have ejaculations (not very pleasant though) and only if a wand vibrator was applied. You need to have been caged for a fair amount of time and the application of the wand takes quite some time to result in the partial climax. The end result is still that yes it is easier to do exercise wearing them and air-travel is possible with the non-steel ones, but if you try to get a climax while caged it is possible even with a pa piercing!

The full belts however while giving you the impression of more security, do restrict your movements and until the advent of the string through the crack rear, are not very comfortable to wear long term. The Neosteel was very uncomfortable and the Reinholds while being more comfortable and able to be worn through “metal” security had a solid rear with a hole for defecating. I wore this quite a while and it eventually started to damage my clothes through constant wear. In both cases it was possible even though difficult to pull out my penis and jack off. So as far as security is concerned they were also no good.

 Yes, many people say if you are belted its partly your responsibility to not to try to escape. I say rubbish, if you can escape and jack off what’s the point in being belted at all – use the honour system!

 To that end when I ordered from Jay there were a few basic non-negotiables. 1. When I put it on there must be NO escape and NO stimulation possible when belted and 2. It needs to be as practical and as comfortable as possible to wear for long periods of time – even though I guess no steel underwear is practical!!!

 I therefore ordered a slim-fit male CB with a small chastity cup, smaller wire locking system up front and most importantly an extra pa pin locking mechanism. This means it should have been unobtrusive to wear, secure and possible to use for extended periods. 

Quite a few emails and diagrams went backwards and forwards with Jay and I and eventually we agreed on a final plan. He put the belt into production. There was some delay in getting it to me but when it arrived I was pleased with the outcome.

 After numerous adjustments and wearing trials and replacing the normal Allen-key pa screw with a “unique hex” screw, it was time to test it out properly. On it went and I am currently in it for the 14th  day straight so far with no actual hope or need to be let out any time soon.

When it’s on and the pa pin is locked in, my penis cannot be pulled out under any circumstances. That means the belt does not have to be too tight to be secure and so is relatively comfortable. As I can move it around quite a bit for cleaning, hygiene seems to be up to scratch as well and 14 days in, I seem to still be acceptably clean. 

 Going for a pee is ok but does take some getting used to – you cannot stand as you can with some cages and you have to pull it slightly away from your groin for the flow to run smoothly. I find that if you leave your ball bag “in the cup” your penis is squashed in the tube and a small amount of mess happens and requires a bit of clean-up and more time is needed in the stall, but if you take your “bag” out and pee and then put the scrotum back into the cup, there is no mess! Defecation is easy – just pull the string between you buttocks slightly sideways and its done. 

 I have also tried to use a wand on the chastity cup – NO way you will get off with this belt on! You cannot stimulate your penis in any way and trying to “hump” just causes it to swell slightly and then it does not move anymore.

 Sleeping is also no problem and any potential night time erection is stopped dead in its tracks.

 I also find that pulling the waistbands up a bit to get the cup tighter up into your crotch area is more comfortable as its stops movement, chafing and pinching and while seated it does not trap or squash anything as its all tucked neatly away under the cup. Some additional rubber padding was added to the string at the bottom of the crotch to avoid pinching and right at the back T-piece so that lying down or sitting was “softer” on my back. With the "wire rear" sitting at my desk or in the car for even hours is not uncomfortable at all. The rear wire  just “wedges” up your crack and its out the way.

The only thing I won’t be able to do with this belt on is go through metal detectors – so the Evotion may still be needed for the flights I sometimes need to take. Come on Jay do a composite belt like mine and then that problem is gone as well!!

So has this belt met my demands;

It is usable long term, it is as comfortable as a steel full belt can be, It is COMPLETELY secure – you not getting off without the keys – and cleanliness seems more than adequate. 

How long can it be worn in a stretch – I don’t know yet that’s up to my key-holder as I don’t have much option right now, but two weeks in I see no reason this cannot be worn for much longer periods if not indefinitely. I will do another report on long term wear when I can comment on it better.

 So all of you out there trying for a “year” stint – sign up for the next #FS2093+

Jay, this chastity belt that you built for me [your order #1283] is truly a work of art.  I can’t believe how effective, versatile and sexy it is!  Last night for example, I slept in the curved shield plate and except for some pinching as I rolled around, the night was fine.  Tonight I am back in the metal tube and the ball cage with the pullout shield.  It’s comfortable, very secure, and my wife loves the look of it!  One thing she likes is the way it makes me lie in bed with my legs spread even though sex is not an option!

When I decided to buy a full metal chastity belt, my biggest concern was that I was going to spend all of this money and it just wouldn’t work . . . Either the belt would be so uncomfortable that I couldn’t wear it for very long, or even worse, I could pull myself out of it whenever I wanted (meaning that it was just “pretend” chastity).  Well, lemme tell you; when your chastity belt is locked on my body, I cannot:

  • Take the belt off
  • Slip out of the belt
  • Pull my penis out
  • Touch it in any meaningful way
  • Or stimulate it from the outside

In short, once you’re locked in, you’re stuck and there’s nothing you can do about it except wait for your keyholder to unlock you.  It’s an amazing feeling.  It’s a turn-on and incredibly frustrating all at the same time!  I could go on and on but I won’t take up any more of your time other than to say “thank you” for your fine product and the incredible design and workmanship that you put into it!  With all of the options that I got, it’s really like getting 2 or 3 belts in one.

Regards, Cliff from Texas

Review of Fancysteel Slimline belt

I have been on the hunt for a comfortable yet effective chastity device for 17 years, and I've been through an embarrasing number of them over that time looking for the Holy Grail. To my unexpected delight, I'm really happy with my recent purchase of a slimline belt from Fancy Steel. It works great for me, and it might work great for you if you have some of the same issues that I have.

For the vast majority of men, ball-trap devices do not provide enough security to be worth the bother. It is easy to pull the penis out of them no matter how well adjusted they are. So most people who are really into the hobby eventually gravitate to either using a PA piercing for security, or using a full belt. In my case, the best solution seems to be both.

I have written elsewhere about how getting a PA made real enforced chastity possible for me, and how I have had some success with PA-secured tube-only devices with no rear ring. These work for me, but unfortunately they don't quite give me all of the erotic thrill that I want out of a chastity device. There is some security, but not quite enough to really make me want to wear it. If I can get my hand around the base of my cock, I can jerk off enough to cum even if I can't touch the sweet spots. Also, I really love the feel of more restrictive device that prevents me from getting an erection. The sweet frustration of my blood-engorged penis straining ineffectually against the confines of the cage - that's what I'm looking for.

So it has been clear to me for a long time that my two choices to get what I want are 1) a ball-trap device plus PA fixing for full security, or 2) a full belt. Unfortunately, both have caused me a lot of problems. I have some kind of tendinitis issue in my groin, and the pressure of a restriction around my balls causes me pain that gets worse and worse the longer the restriction is there. I've found that I can't wear any ball trap device for more than a day or two. Full belts cause the same problem. If it is fitting tightly enough to be secure, the pressure of the front plate or penis tube on my groin causes exactly the same pain.

But there was still one option rolling around in my head. What about a full belt with a PA fixing, so that the security would be there from the PA, but the belt could fit a little looser so that the pressure would be bearable? The belt would carry the overall weight of the device instead of a ball-trap ring, leading to both comfort and security. Recently I came across the Fancy Steel slimline belt online, and it occurred to me that it might be exactly what I needed. Turns out, it is. And it's a really great belt even if you're not pierced, as long as you can wear it a little tighter.

The best thing about this belt is its adjustability. I think a few millimetres can really make the difference between success and failure with a chastity belt, and this model lets you dial it in exactly right. I made several small tweaks to the fit over the first few days, and now I think it's perfect. It's just a little bit looser than I would need for security without the piercing, but any tighter and I think it would hurt me too much. If you don't have a tendinitis problem like me, I think the security without the piercing would be fine, but you would wear it a little tighter than I do. Note that I also got the pull-out shield option on top of the tube, which is a great help for security and I would recommend it for everyone.

Once it is adjusted properly, the security of this belt is basically the same as any other full belt. Yes you could cut through the steel cable with bolt cutters to free yourself, but the same is true of a neosteel or mysteel – you can even cut through the waistband of those with a good pair of bolt cutters (good to know if you are ever stuck).

But the comfort - wow is this a huge improvement from other belts I have tried over the years! The steel cable used in this belt, called "aircraft cable," has been used in several chastity belts over the past several years for the rear portion connecting the penis tube to the back of the belt (through the butt crack), but Fancy Steel's innovation was to use the same cable for the waist band as well. The comfort is excellent, and the stealth under clothes is great too - a lot better than any ball trap device!

This is my first belt with a rear cable, and now that I have experienced it I would never go back to chains or a solid "total" design. The cable is far more comfortable. Yes, it's in your butt crack all the time feeling like a wedgie, but you get used to it - in fact I find the sensation very erotic and pleasurable. But to my great relief it is not necessary to poop through the cable. There is enough slack in the cable to pull it slightly to the side when you have a #2, keeping it clean. I have found this to be true even when I have had the belt adjusted very tight (too tight for me to wear).

The PA fixing is a brilliant design, as is the little tool that the maker provides to help put it on. It is a special pin that sticks out the front of the tube and attaches to a standard PA ring inside the tube - I recommend a segment ring. It turned out that my 4ga ring was a bit too big to fit through the hole in the PA pin, but this was easily fixed by using a short length of jewelry chain and clasp to link the two things. Once you are locked in the belt, you cannot access the chain inside the tube to undo the clasp.

The amount of physical activity allowed by this belt is wonderful - even better than ball trap devices I would say (but obviously not as good as PA tube-only devices, which are almost like wearing nothing). I have been able to run and use an elliptical in the belt, as well as body weight exercises. I have maintained my practice of cycling to work for the whole week that I've been wearing this belt. I wouldn't really want to do extensive cycling for exercise while wearing it, but my easy 10-minute commute is totally manageable. If I get uncomfortable I just stand up on the pedals. There are a few things that I like to do that I would still need to be let out for, like yoga, but hey what do you want from a chastity belt? Still, I could probably do about half my yoga routine in this.

Sleeping is also very good. Again, better than a ball trap device. Like most chastity devices, you do get woken up by early morning erections. So you go and pee and then go back to bed. Actually, this belt has made me a bit of an earlier riser and that's not such a bad thing - I've also been going to bed earlier.

One minor issue is that the adjustment point for the cable rests up against the testicles and gets a little pinchy sometimes. This was easily solved by covering it with electrical tape, which you could replace once a week or so if it gets icky. I think once I am 100% satisfied with the fit I may glue a little piece of rubber there instead.

Hygeine is pretty good too, at least comparable to other full belts. Since I wear it a bit looser thanks to the PA, I can use a squeeze bottle to squirt some soapy water through the penis tube, and I can also use a "Swab-it" to get in there to dry it off a bit. I took the belt off today for the first time in several days and things were perfectly clean. I think if I go 24/7 in this, I would ask for a quick cleaning twice a week (so 3 nights and 4 nights in betweeen), but it’s not absolutely necessary. I’m pretty sure I could live with once a week or even less but it would require a more conscientious approach to washing and drying.

I'm starting to think that my dream of 24/7 chastity belt wearing may actually become a reality with this thing, and without totally messing up my life even! The first day I got the belt, I went ahead and wore it for 60 hours straight (two nights), except for a few minutes of tweaking the fit now and then. After a break of a few days (my wife insisted to make sure I'm fine), I have been wearing it now for another 100 hours (four nights). No pain, no irritation, no sleepless nights. This is awesome. I love this belt so much that quite honestly I'm thinking of ordering a second one just to have in reserve for the future, just in case the maker ever goes out of business!


HOMESHIBARI: First, I want to thank you for your blog. It is very inspiring. Second, I'm very interested in metal chastity belts. How comfortable are they? What is the longest duration you wore them? How about a body functions? Can you recommend Fancy Steel?

Such great questions! I get asked these things a lot, so I hope you don’t mind I’m sharing the answers with everyone. :)

The longest I’ve worn any belt is only for a few hours (maybe 6-8 at the most). All the chastity girls have different reasons for wearing their belts, and that dictates how long they are interested in having them on. Some like long term orgasm denial, some like the safety and a sense of being valuable.. For me, it’s become a part of my uniform for training because I’m far too focused on my own pleasure.

So, I wear mine only during a play session as a way to completely eliminate the option getting any attention to my pussy so I can better focus on serving Sir or focus on a task he has given me. 

All the belts are perfectly comfortable once you get used to wearing something tight, but I would always recommend buying a leather belt first. Just to try out the idea. Metal belts are very expensive and it’s important to get the sizing right, so you will want to have experience with how that may feel on your body.

As far as bodily functions go, I can’t really attest to that..Other than being so wet I make a mess that drips through the holes in the shield. Which is then cleaned up per my usual rules.. ;)

The other girls I know say it’s easy to go to the bathroom with it on. They use spray bottles, showers and hair driers to clean things. They also wear panties over the belt to manage drips. I guess just don’t have that kind of motivation, lol. I suppose eventually Sir will have me wear a belt for more than 24 hours and I will have more experience to share. For now, I’m just using it for play. :)

I can totally recommend Fancy Steel! I’m in love with both of my belts and the maker has been fantastic to work with. Not to mention, they are truly pieces of art. Every part of the belt is beautiful to look at. I especially love the gold accents. It’s also very secure and performs exactly as expected.

The cable design allows you to easily change out shields and add or remove a rear opening depending on what you want to do or have done to you.. I love having so many options. I also love having something that’s unique. You see the same belt design everywhere, and I like having something that’s completely different, but still functional. It fits my personality well.

I also like that the cable design is more easily adjustable than the typical rigid metal belt. With the other belt, adjusting the size was a massive chore- seemed like a lot of nuts and bolts and was difficult to size and then make tight again. Nothing ruins a play session faster than a 45 minute break to adjust a belt, lol.

With the Fancy Steel belt you just loosen a screw and slide the cable. It’s an ingenious design and super easy. I wouldn’t say there a ton of room for adjustment, but there’s definitely enough room to adjust for a little more movement or to add a toy.

I also love that the belts can be worn with and without the lining and that they are comfortable both ways. I previously had a cheaper metal belt and it was always a struggle to keep the lining on and caused massive problems when it came off. Always joked that I was going to get tetanus from the sharp edges, lol. That’s not something you want to have to think about when playing.

I used to have to tape the lining down and I really don’t like how that looks. Not even with pretty pink tape. I have a very low frustration tolerance for toys that don’t hold up well.

The Fancy Steel shields don’t need a lining at all. They are very comfortable and definitely work as intended. The dome shield literally prevents all sensation and it’s suuuuuuuper frustrating to wear (in a good way). I also like that the shields come apart so I can thread through one of my bad dragon toys or an inflatable toy. Adds so many options for play!

Hope that answers some questions! Feel free to message me and I can answer privately for anything else.



Fancy Steel Got It Right

The new shorter tube arrived yesterday and “h” got right to work changing the tubes out.  The beauty of this design is that it is infinitely adjustable since all the pieces slide on two stainless steel cables from front to back.  The first tube, used with Fancy Steel’s high waist design is 150 mm long but since “h” belt sits on his hips the lock clasp is about 3 inches lower than ones shown on their web site.  As mentioned previously this tube wrapped around between his legs and the end of it was pointing behind him.  The new tube is 80 mm long and is PERFECT~!  He can sit, pee standing and the anal opening, we got the 30 mm one, now is properly in line with his butt hole all because of this simple, yet elegant design where all the components slide on the cable and can be clamped using a set screw, any where along the cable lenght20150509_225242 20150510_065924 20150510_065948 20150510_071623 20150510_071831 20150510_071841 20150510_071919.

Thank you Jay for an excellent job, W/we are extremely happy and will recommend your products to anyone looking for quality and customer service.

Ms. K

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