The story

Fancy Steel is a bespoke chastity belt design-manufacturer located in Adelaide South Australia.

Fancy Steel is a collaboration between a fetish enthusiast & a steel craftsman. It sits at the intersection between passionate design and unique craftsmanship.
Our goal is to make chastity belts that are hand crafted from the finest Australian materials, both beautiful and alternative.

The founder tells the story of how Fancy Steel was born

"I remember seeing a chastity belt on the web when I was sixteen & I started collecting belts from then. I guess it was just a matter of time before I started a company. Whilst looking for a welder - machinist to do some alterations to an existing chastity belt, I had some very interesting reactions. One person wasn’t willing to work but recommended a man with a reputation for creating weird and wonderful works of art. I contacted him & he agreed to do the alterations... with astonishing results.
A bond was formed and discussions about creating their own chastity devices began.
We wanted to create chastity belts to be worn like jewellery, with pride."
The two men started sketching and creating unique designs with features like no other on the market.
After weeks of deliberation the first prototype was built from high polished 305 stainless steel, steel rope and brass fixings.
It was beautiful. As a chastity collector I was totally blown away."

Prototype belts started rolling out of the small workshop in South Australia
Devices were tested & refined until Fancy Steel was ready to launch in Spring 2014 to much national and international interest on the fetish scene.
Fancy Steel so many ideas this is just the beginning of our journey.
Be sure to keep in touch with us to hear the very latest.
  ABN: 12443063480