Benefits of Male & Female Chastity!

If chastity is something you’ve been curious about, and you’ve been wondering how to give it a go, I hope this article proves itself useful for you. There’s certainly nothing ‘wrong’ with exploring your consensual kinky interests, and you don’t need to worry that you’re the only person to ever have these thoughts and feelings.

What the Heck is the Purpose of Male Chastity?

The purpose of male chastity in the 21st century is most commonly used in BDSM play. In such a scenario the submissive is locked into a male chastity device by the dominant (referred to as a key holder).

The key holder holds all the keys to the securely fastened chastity device and is the only person whom decides when (or “if”) the chastity device can come off. The length of time is determined by the key holder, and can vary from a few hours to a 24/7 continual chastity lifestyle.

Submissives and dominants alike enjoy male chastity for the surrender/control it offers. The submissive is surrendering their most important organ, and one that can offer the greatest amount of pleasure. While the dominant has full control over said organ during the time spent in the chastity device. During the time the submissive is in a chastity device, he is unable to obtain a full erection. The submissive also cannot have an orgasm until the chastity device comes off.

This experience sounds unpleasant; however, it can be extremely pleasurable. When the submissive attempts to become erect while in this chastity cage, he will only swell up inside, which feels like a firm grip. This builds arousal in the submissive, which can continue to build over time. This pent up arousal can even become more intense than the orgasm they so desire. Once the submissive is freed from male chastity to have their long awaited orgasm, it will be more intense than any other orgasm he has ever experienced in his life. The longer the submissive is in a male chastity device, the more intense the final orgasm will be.

Why Choose Male Chastity?

There are many reasons to choose male chastity. Many couples choose chastity to bring each other closer and introduce more intimacy into the bedroom. There are also many couples looking for something new to try, or something to reignite the spark between them. Most commonly, it is between couples trying to help their partner fulfill a lifelong fantasy of theirs. It is also used by strict BDSM couples for control and to further their kinky experience.

Individuals and couples experimenting with the chastity lifestyle all come from different backgrounds, and all have different reasons for trying it. With all this diversity, there is one common fact shared among nearly all of them – once they’ve tried it, they’re usually hooked! And the more educated you are about chastity, the more fun you can obtain from it.

Now to answer the question of Why Choose Male Chastity? The most predominant reason behind this is to bring couples closer together. Chastity is one of the fastest ways to bring two people closer together than they ever thought imaginable, both romantically and intimately. It will take a dull ember and light it up into a bonfire if used properly.

The second most common reason is to help their partner fulfill a lifelong fantasy. While these two reasons usually go hand-in-hand, it is not always the case. Chastity is a common fetish shared by many individuals; however, it is viewed as “taboo” because many choose to hide their desires. If you’re reading this because of your partner coming forth with their desire for chastity, they really want to engage in this activity with you.

So what causes this spark to go ablaze between couples? The psychological impact of chastity itself. Once the male is locked in chastity, in a very short period of time he will feel an immense urge to please his key holder. He will obtain genuine pleasure out of helping his key holder, and selflessly making him/her happy. The key holder also receives a more upbeat and pleasant partner whom is willing to go out of their way to help them and ensure they are happy. Needless to say, this usually results in both partners overall happiness and connection between each other to rise.

Control & Power

The most addicting thing a male chastity device gives key holders is power & control. In the beginning, many key holders resist it, but once they see the influence and changes a male chastity device has on their partner, key holders quickly begin to embrace it! The power rush the key holder obtains from being the only person that can unlock and grant their submissive an orgasm is unlike anything else.

What does power & control actually mean in this context? When you, the key holder, have a male locked in a male chastity device, he will subconsciously become more submissive to you. He will want to go out of his way to please you. Maybe picking up a few more chores around the house, skipping out on a ‘guys night’ to spend quality time with you, providing you with massages upon request, and of course, let’s not forget as many orgasms as you can handle; all in an effort to earn release and an orgasm – which you exclusively control. As time goes on, he will start to obey your requests more often. And the longer he is locked in his male chastity device, the more demanding requests he will begin to obey.

How can a simple male chastity device how such a profound effect on a male? As previously mentioned, he will subconsciously want to please you – in an effort to earn an orgasm – and it he will ultimately get self satisfaction out of doing so. He will begin to associate your pleasure with his own. Once this starts happening, it’s best to implement a reward (and punishment) system in place to further encourage this new behavior. This is where the true power lies… granting that long awaited orgasm on your terms, not his. And he will do just about anything to please you just for the opportunity.

You can take the power & control aspect as far as you’d like. Once that male chastity device locks shut, you are in control, you determine the amount of pleasure he will receive, and you determine what he has to do to earn that privilege. Some use it for a little extra spice in the relationship; while others come home to a spotless house, with all of the chores completed for them, a nice glass of wine and a bath to unwind to after a long day. What do you prefer?

Orgasms for the Key Holder

Another one of the benefits of a male cock cage is that their key holders’ orgasms will become much more frequent… and intense! As the arousal of denial builds in the submissive from being in a male cock cage, he will want to take his sexual frustration out on his key holder. The submissive will constantly be thinking about sex with their key holder while in their cock cage. When any small opportunity presents itself, sparks will fly. Oral skills become noteworthy very quickly, but the submissive can please their key holder in a number of other ways. Usually with their hands, with toys, or even with a strap on! As time passes and the submissive has built up their frustration in their cock cage, they will exert more of that sexual energy toward the key holder. Ultimately giving better and better orgasms the longer they are locked.

The orgasms of a key holder is one of the most cherished benefits of male chastity shared by submissives and key holders alike. The submissive enjoys making their key holder feel good and giving them countless orgasms, and ensuring they are completely satisfied at all times. Submissives especially enjoy giving an orgasm without getting one in return. The key holder of course will enjoy the mind boggling interdimensional orgasms they receive – truly unlike anything else they’ve ever experienced before.

Before leaving the topic of orgasms, we cannot forget about the submissive locked in the cock cage’s orgasm. This is probably the greatest of the perks of chastity that the submissive can look forward to. All the time pent up in denial in their male cock cage causes the skin to become hyper sensitive. This hyper sensitivity feels better than anything they’ve ever experienced before. When they finally experience an orgasm, it will be single-handedly the best orgasm they’ve had in their life. And the longer they’re in chastity, the more intense it becomes!


Benefits of Male Chastity

There are countless benefits of male chastity to delve into! Some of the most predominant and noticeable benefits include greater intimacy between couples, higher sex drive and libido, an overall happier life, and for dominant/submissive couples – the perfect tool to surrender/take control. Let’s break down these major benefits and highlight a few other outlying benefits of male chastity as well.

Benefit # 1 – Greater Intimacy:

One of the most desirable benefits of male chastity happens shortly after the lock is closed shut for the first time. After the submissive gets their first restricted erection after being locked, sexual tension and frustration quickly flare up, and the submissive feels like they must channel it somehow. This frustration will build and the submissive will begin to find their key holder irresistible. The key holder will start receiving more frequent compliments, more affection and love, their submissive becomes more romantic, and has much more gratitude. Male chastity creates the dream partner!

Benefit # 2 – Higher Sex Drive:

Another glaring benefit is the higher sex drive that naturally comes as a result of the greater intimacy. As the pent of frustration and tension continues to build, it’ll begin to overflow and the sex drive and libido begin to consume the submissive. They will want to pleasure their key holder All-Of-The-Time. Their satisfaction becomes synonymous with their key holder’s satisfaction. The longer the submissive is locked, the better their skills become in the bedroom.

Benefit # 3 – Teasing, Teasing, & More Teasing:

This is probably one of the most important benefits of male chastity. Teasing, and lot’s of it! All of the benefits of male chastity previously mentioned will work with just minimal teasing. However, teasing is a must. Chastity is much like a campfire, if you don’t continue to gradually add wood (teasing) to it, it will eventually cool down and die, and require a great deal of effort to spark up again. The same is also true in reverse; if you continue to add more and more wood to the fire at the right times, it can blaze up into a massive bonfire of lust and frustration – magnifying all of the aforementioned benefits!

Benefit # 4 – The Perfect Dom/Sub Tool:

For couples into the BDSM lifestyle, a male chastity device is the perfect tool to add to your arsenal. Whether you’re looking to take away and control your slave’s ‘favorite toy’, using it for training or behavior correction, or even just as another punishment you can administer; the possibilities are endless! One of the benefits of male chastity you will receive from your slave is complete servitude. By controlling their orgasms, you can control the slave easier than you had ever imagined possible!


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