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Chastity & Orgasm Denial Games

Chastity & Orgasm Denial Games

Orgasm denial is a great way to spice up your sex life, whether that be solo or with a partner. It’s a fun activity to explore regardless of gender, sexual orientation or relationship status. If you’ve seen my article on orgasm denial, you’ll know just how big this topic is and that there’s an abundance of exciting exploration ahead!

In short, orgasm denial is the act of restricting either your own or someone else’s orgasm. Often combined with ‘tease and denial’, this type of edging or chastity may be as short as a few minutes or last as long as several months.

Exploring orgasm denial, particularly in a female-led relationship, is often seen as a serious act with set punishments and rewards; the privilege of orgasmic release being a reward for completing a list of chores or tasks. But it doesn’t always have to be profoundly intense, denying yourself or your partner can be an enjoyable experience, so why not mix it up by exploring these games to add some fun to your intimacy.

Orgasm Denial Games

Most of these games are aimed at couples (one ‘submissive’ i.e. the person who will be denied, and one dominant - the person in control) but can be easily adapted to suit those who choose to self-lock or people in non-monogamous dynamics. I have identified games suitable for adaptation with a ** marker.

Servitude Games:

**Point System

Allocate your partner (or yourself) a number of points for set tasks and assignments which can later be exchanged for rewards.

  • Domestic tasks such as cooking a meal, sweeping the floor, cleaning the bathroom or exercising could all range from 1-10 points each depending how generous you are! 
  • Sexual assignments could include: wearing an anal plug, pleasuring the dominant partner or performing a sexual act such as edging yourself (without orgasm!). These may earn more (5 - 15 points each) or less (0.5 - 2 points each) depending on the Dominant partner’s motives. 
  • Points may also be deducted for bad behaviour or any transgressions.
  • When the submissive partner has accumulated enough points they may ask to trade in for a reward.
  • Rewards could include timed activities or pleasurable treats, for example:
    • 30 points = 5 minutes of edging performed by the dominant partner
    • 50 points = 1 orgasm or 1 hour out of chastity
    • 70 points = 2 hours out of chastity
    • 100 points = sexual intercourse
    • 200 points = 2 days out of chastity with orgasms permitted

Excite me with words:

What could be more sexy than personally written erotica? For this game the dominant will set a writing task for the submissive to complete. Once the task is complete to the dominants satisfaction, release from chastity will be rewarded to the submissive. An orgasm may even be permitted for excellent dedication, creativity and storytelling.

Alternative tasks could include:

  • Writing a journal for a set number of days/months detailing their chastity journey
  • Writing about a particular scene or event to for dominant to treasure
  • Sharing a memory, fantasy or secret
  • Writing about the best orgasm they ever had
  • A list of reasons they love serving you
  • An essay about their gratitude for you as their keyholder
  • Writing an application to be released from chastity including a list of reasons the submissive believes they deserve it
  • The task medium could even be changed entirely to set a drawing/painting/crafting challenge
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    How well do you know each other games

    **Movie Night:

    Watch a film or TV series with your partner (or by yourself) and set up a series of words and associated consequences. This game can be a great way to share your favourite movies and get to know each other’s taste in pop culture. One idea is to make your chaste partner choose a film they think you will enjoy - this could start them off with an immediate punishment or reward!

    Example: Mean Girls (film) 

    • Every time a character refers to Africa an extra minute is added to the next edging session
    • Whenever the characters use Regina George’s full name, another day is added to the submissive’s chastity countdown/days denied an orgasm
    • Every time someone says ‘mean’ or ‘girls’ the submissive must do a task for the dominant (e.g. foot rub, fetch them a drink, massage their shoulders)
    • Each time Janis crosses off a task to sabotage Regina the submissive will receive a spanking from the dominant
    • Whenever the girls have a threeway call the submissive must kneel and begin to edge themselves for 3 minutes (no orgasm)

    Two truths and a lie:

    The dominant and submissive partners take it in turns to share 3 things about themself. Two of them must be true and one must be a lie. The other person has to guess which is the lie.

    Example punishments/outcomes:

        • 1 incorrect guess = 1 orgasm for the dominant but none for the submissive
        • 2 incorrect guesses = 1 extra day of no orgasms (e.g. an extra day locked in chastity)
        • Fails at 3 consecutive games = 1 ruined orgasm 
        • 1 correct guess = 5 minutes added to their next edging session
        • 3 consecutive correct guesses = 1 orgasm allowed
            • 1 incorrect guess = the dominant partner performs a teasing act for the submissive (e.g. a strip tease) 
            • 2 incorrect guesses = the submissive earns 2 hours out of chastity or 1 orgasm
            • 1 correct guess = The submissive must instantly perform a sexual act of the dominants choosing 


            Try your luck games

            There are many games that can be thought up involving chance, and with a bit of creativity almost any popular game can be made kinky! Here i’ll share just a few examples but enjoy being imaginative together!

            **Save the date:

            A simple guessing game - the dominant partner picks a date in the calendar  (it could be a memorable one such as an anniversary or completely random), if the submissive guesses correctly they will be released from chastity 2 days prior and allowed an orgasm on the dominant’s chosen date. If they guess incorrectly, however many days/months out they guessed will be added on to the dominants choice date - so any attempts at early release better not be too optimistic!

            **Coin Toss:

            A very simple game involving the flip of a coin. When it comes to an opportunity for the submissive to be allowed release from their chastity belt or even permitted an orgasm, their fate lies in the hands of a coin.

            The dominant flips the coin and each side has a reward or punishment - it is the choice of the dominant partner to share the reward/punishments with the submissive in advance or not.


            • Heads reward: 10 minutes of genital stimulation for the submissive (orgasms allowed)
            • Heads punishment: 5 more days locked in chastity
            • Tails reward: 15 minutes of oral stimulation performed by the dominant to the submissive (orgasms allowed)
            • Tails punishment: No orgasms for one extra week
            If the submissive chooses ‘tails’ for example there are two possible outcomes:
            1. The coin lands on tails = the submissive is rewarded with 15 mins of oral sex
            2. The coin lands on heads = the submissive remains in their chastity cage for 5 additional days.

            This game can be adapted for solo or partnered play and is suitable for more of a group scenario (e.g. several chaste submissives, punishments/rewards to be performed in front of the others or by each other). A little imagination can go a long way, perhaps even best out of 3 - if the submissive is very lucky their rewards could accumulate, or their punishments could cancel out any rewards and leave them frustrated for much longer.

            If the submissive partner loses, they may be met with a similar game (same or different rewards/punishments) at their next release date.

            **Chastity raffle:

            Use a random number generator app to decide how many days the submissive will remain locked. Alternatively write a list of numbers or set dates on equally sized pieces of paper and ask the submissive to pick one from a jar.

            This game could be made more unpredictable and risky for the submissive by including other pieces of paper to the jar, for example:

            • Set tasks / chores (to be completed before release/orgasm)
            • A countdown timer (e.g. 1 minute 37 seconds) - if the submissive can orgasm within that time frame they may be permitted the next 12 hours out of chastity
            • A command to be followed immediately such as “lick my shoes”, “bring me to orgasm” or “edge yourself for 3 minutes without orgasm”
            • Punishments e.g. a spanking or humiliating act
            • Instant or big rewards: 1 week out of chastity
            • Random gifts or surprises: “IOU a new game” or “Date night tomorrow”.  

            **How many days?:

            Roll a dice (or several) to decide how long you or your partner will be denied. To add a bigger element of tease to this game, the dominant partner may also roll.

            Example outcome:

            • If the dominant’s number is higher than the submissive’s then the total of all dice will become the new amount of days (or hours / months) denied. 
            • If the dominant partner rolls a lower number then the total of all dice becomes the amount of orgasms they will receive before the submissive is allowed release.
            • Another outcome could be the amount of minutes (or hours) the submissive is to be teased for before being unlocked.
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              The Lucky winner is...

              The concentration game:

              Your partner has earned themselves an evening of pleasure, but unfortunately for them nothing in life is free! Enjoy watching them squirm with these fun concentration games!


              • The submissive partner must recite a poem from memory whilst receiving stimulation. Any pauses or forgotten words result in no further pleasure!
              • Balance a delicate item on your submissive while you perform oral sex. If they drop it, not only will they have to do everything to keep it from breaking but will be punished with no further stimulation for a set amount of days.
              • Position your partner with their hands on the wall, instruct them to keep a coin under each fingertip against the wall whilst you stimulate them from behind. For each coin dropped they must wait 1 hour before stimulation restarts. Make this more challenging by having them bend at the hips with their feet as far away from the wall as possible or placing a coin between their nose and the wall instead of their fingertips! 

              ** Desperation:

              Once your partner has earned their orgasm the teasing fun doesn’t need to end! Instruct them on ways in which they may orgasm, for example: using their non-dominant hand or totally hands free, a sex toy of your choosing or anal-only sitimulation allowed. This could be extended to satisfying you first but maintaining the same rules. Try including a blindfold or dictating that you require multiple orgasms / a squirting orgasm before they can move onto their own pleasure.


              As with all sexual acts communication is key! These games are intended to act as inspiration to enjoy a playful session with your partner(s) or alone but don’t take it too seriously and if anything doesn’t feel right or is beyond what any participant agrees to then stop and chat it through. You can restart the fun at any time but feeling safe to indulge and communicate throughout is essential for any kind of kink/BDSM/sexual play.


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              Chastity & Orgasm Denial Games