I was recently inspired by a shackledmaidens-com post.....

I was recently inspired by a shackledmaidens-com post.. http://shackledmaidens-com.tumblr.com/post/123179580798/small-sample-image-from-todays-update-valencia

The girl had a chain belt on, and a metal pussy plug locked inside of her. I thought that was incredibly hot so I mentioned it to Sir, and he immediately came up with a solution using the toys I already have. He’s pretty amazing at bringing any of my fantasies to life. :)

So, I was allowed to try to recreate the scene using my chains, padlocks and one of my fancy steel plugs. :) It was actually a huge disaster because the lock, chains and plug pinched waaaaay too much, but it was fun to try and it looked hot. 

Half way through the task I switched to the leather choke collar because the metal collar was hurting my neck a little too much (clearly not a pain slut). It worked out well because the leather matched the outfit nicely, and I loved the way it choked me depending on how I was moving. 

At one point, the chain was pinching my pussy, and the only way to create a little slack to get relief was to pull down on the chain attached to the collar and tolerate being choked for awhile. I love having to choose between two equally uncomfortable scenarios. :)