Kitty denied

I usually don’t play with hoods unless Sir can be there to handle me directly, but I was really craving it tonight. :) 

I love that this hood laces up in the back and allows for a cute ponytail… and Sir likes that my jaw isn’t restricted so it doesn’t interfere with sucking. :)

When Sir is making the decisions, I’m cuffed long before the hood goes on..So, it was nice to have my hands free to touch the leather. It felt sooooooo sexy, especially with the gloves on. Yum!

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Sir hasn’t given me any new tasks this week so I can heal up from my most recent play session. I’ve mostly been playing dress up all week and finding excuses to sneak in unapproved orgasms. :)

Tonight I was inspired to play with my gag harness, kitty mask, and nipple clamps. After I took a few pics for Sir, I tested my hitachi again to make sure it still works.. 2 times.

Gonna be a tough transition back to my regular training. :)

(Sorry about the boob bruises.. still can’t figure out how those happened, lol)

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Sometimes its fun to dress up like a cute kitty.

Recently added some leather paws to my kitty collection. They reduce the need for a chastity belt by keeping my hands safely away from my greedy pussy. :) 

I love how the leather feels, and I’m looking forward to crawling around with them on. 

The gag and nipple clamps are good for naughty kitties that bite, (or extra slutty ones that insist on sucking cock before they’ve earned it).

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This one has a good sized ball gag on the inside, and fills my mouth nicely. Looking forward to having the D-Ring at the top being used as an anchor-point for an ass hook that hasn’t been used yet ;)

The smell of leather in combination with having my mouth filled always makes me super wet, and I love how the panel pushes the ball gag in extra deep. 

There’s much fun to be had.  :)

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