Kitty denied

Rule: “-Your main purpose is to be mouth fuckhole, your other holes are merely for punishment. As a result your pussy will receive no pleasure while serving.”

This is probably one of my most important rules. Sir knows that as soon as my greedy pussy starts getting attention, I forget my purpose and start giving lazy sucks- making me useless to him.

Usually, Sir just puts a chastity belt on me and doesn’t have to worry that I’m sneaking any pleasure, but occasionally he feels like taking my belt off and using a different hole. 

He can’t risk me enjoying myself too much while being fucked so, he’s always thinking of ways to reduce or completely eliminate my pleasure while still being able to use me however he wants.

This is where the “pussy panties” come in to play.. Sir found them on and he thought they were nice and objectifying, and perfect for making a fuckhole useful. 

The panties have a vaginal and an anal sheath.. the vaginal sheath is slightly stiff, and goes in like a dildo. Its rigid enough to leave me feeling very filled, but its not stiff enough to feel like an actual dildo or give any pleasure. This keeps me in my optimal state for being useful: stuffed, unsatisfied, and eager to suck.

The vaginal sheath provides Sir with a nice tight hole he can fuck, but the thickness of the latex prevents me from getting any pleasure while in use. It’s just as unsatisfying as you would imagine.. maybe even a little painful.

Sir likes that the pussy part of the panties inadvertently prevents any clit stimulation because of its dome shape. Nothing touches my clit under the panties unless I press down on it from the outside. 

The anal sheath is soft and exactly like the sheath on my other latex panties. I didn’t get a chance to test out that hole last night, but I know from experience that it doesn’t make ass fucking or being plugged any more pleasurable.

I’m definitely looking forward to doing some vibrator testing soon.. (◡‿◡)


Here’s the link to the pussy panties:

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Did some testing with my latex panties tonight to see if my dildo feels any different.. And it does! Its surprisingly unsatisfying because of the thick internal sheaths. :(

I tried my favorite dildo first and when I got the disappointing results, I got greedy and decided to try my bad dragon toy because its very textured.. but as with most of my decisions- I immediately regretted it. It really didn’t feel any different than the other dildo and the dripping cum lube ended up being more humiliating than sexy. 

So, to sum up my experience- I’m disappointed that the dildos don’t feel as good, but I’m happy to be able to offer Sir use of my holes without risk of me getting distracted by my own pleasure. :)

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More latex panties pics. :) 

This time I tried them on with my pink ‘Fancy Leather’ belt. It’s the perfect shade of pink. OMG. I will take more pics of the pink belt soon.

My black Fancy Leather belt has chains in the back and this one is the thong style. Still can’t decide which one I like best… they’re both very comfortable.

Sir had me wear my belt with both plugs since the panties have latex sheaths for pussy and ass.. It’s surprisingly unsatisfying.. 

He’s an expert at making sure I never forget that life is unfair for sluts. ;) 

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I got my first pair of latex panties last week!! :) They have insertable sheaths for my pussy and ass so I can wear them without denying Sir his choice of holes. 

The sheaths do a good job of preventing me from fully enjoying having my pussy fucked, and the fact that they are just plain open holes makes them super objectifying. 

They even look pretty under my newest belt. :)

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