Kitty denied

Theres no particular story or task behind this outfit… I just wanted to see how many layers of leather I could lock on. :) 

I love the whole process of doing my hair/make up, picking out an outfit and taking lots of time getting ready to be used… 

After I’m done, Sir likes ruining all my pretty makeup by reminding me the purpose of a mouth fuckhole.. then he sends me away to fix myself up so I’m pretty when he wants to use me again later.  :)

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Recently, Sir expressed an interest in keeping me stored under his desk for a few hours at a time while he works or just generally does things that are more important. He likes the idea of having easy access to my mouth for a quick suck without having to get up or stop working.. and I love being in storage for long periods of time and essentially being ignored until needed. Not to mention, one of my favorite ways to be used is to suck Sir’s cock as he watches porn… and this is the perfect arrangement for that. :)

My assignment for today was to come up with a specific uniform that I think would make me useful while in storage under Sir’s desk. As with any of my uniforms, every item should have a purpose and explanation with the ultimate goal of me being optimized for Sir’s use. :)

So here’s the explanation of my Under Desk Storage uniform:

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We love the look of the old school Playboy Bunnies, so I tried out a couple different looks with the plug harness and the metal chastity belt.  I also got a fun little body harness with a chain. 

I was supposed to wear the bunny tail plug, but I totally forgot! I’m sure I will have an opportunity to take more pics that include the tail very soon. :)

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