Tongue Gag
Tongue Gag
Tongue Gag
Tongue Gag
Tongue Gag
Tongue Gag
Tongue Gag
Tongue Gag
Tongue Gag
Tongue Gag
Tongue Gag
Tongue Gag
Tongue Gag
Tongue Gag
Tongue Gag

Tongue Gag

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Fancy Steel Tongue Gag

You will drool in seconds 

It's our first gag released and we wanted to make something very different. 

The restrictive horse bit style gag has a unique tongue restraint. Strapped deep into the wears mouth, this keeps them restrained and increases drool.

 Pony play or sub-mouth training. 

Custom-made our leather straps and oil-tanned and water-resistant. Straps removable and interchangeable with a locking buckle. 

What's in the box

  • Tongue is made from stainless steel 
  • straps 2.4-2.6mm veg tan leather 
  • locking bukle 


  • Black 
  • Brown
  • Custom on request 

Sizing Requirements

Simply measure around your head level with your mouth. 

Measurement Head/mouth 

Don't worry the straps have plenty of adjustment points 



Products are carefully wrapped and discretely packaged in plain boxes

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Finally, i am not able to speak at all.

First off. My heart skipped a beat, when i unpacked it, it looks beautiful.
I am not realy a fan of ball gags. Becauce you still can speak easily. The FS tongue gag makes that almost impossible, just a lot of moaning noises.
The gag fits uncomfortably good haha.
The finnish of all the steell parts is very smooth. The strap is in good lenght and enoug holes for a nice and tight fit. Everyone that loves a bit op gag play should own this FS tongue gag.

You drool in seconds? That's totally true by the way.

Nice piece of Steel

Great Handmade work, no edges etc.! Worth the wait! Greetings from Hamburg/Germany.

worth the wait

Received the gag. It is worth the wait

Awesome bit gag

I have a love/hate relationship with gags, where as I have 10+ types it's mostly love. The hate is only for the jaw ache of the oversized ones, and society's expectations of not being gagged.

The love is for the silencing, the submission, the aesthetic, the humiliation...

I'm used to rubber, leather, silicon, so this is my first metal gag - to protect teeth enamel an anti-teeth grind worked better than a sports guard as slimmer. Metal gives a great headspace - no dislodging or chewing through this one.

This is a beautifully crafted gag (unlike poorly made, ill-fitting gags that rub or can be spat out). There's a uniqueness about it. It has a purpose that's kind of personal, really adding to the scene.

This is surprisingly effective as a gag, more so in the unintelligible rather than volume. It also produces drool, a lot of drool - no other gag makes me drool (much to a Dom/Domme's disappointment).

Once settled in, it's comfortable for long periods. It'd be fun for pony play in stables, although other tack might be better for long trails pulling a cart.

Apologies for the puns but this one fits perfectly in a stable of gags. It's not a show pony or just for ponies! Way beyond a bright red mass-produced ball, it's a humbling, solid, hardcore headspace bit gag.

Human-sized tongue control

Do I recommend it? Well, it depends on what turns you on. Having a mouth full of metal and having my speech completely unintelligible is fun for me and, if you’re into ‘pony play’, this is for you. Yes, it’s a bit more expensive than the actual horse tack, but Jay has done the hard work in sizing and securing it and, for me, it has been great fun. Needless to say, my partner loves it and finds it a useful way to shut me up!

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